Katholische Aufklärung

On 13 September 2017, Thomas Wallnig will give a talk with Wolfgang Göderle (Graz) about “Nutzen und Grenzen des Forschungsparadigmas »Katholische Aufklärung«” at the annual conference of the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für die Erforschung des 18. Jahrhunderts” in Münster. Program.


Wissen in Wien um 1780

On 20 June 2017, Thomas Wallnig will speak about “Wissen in Wien um 1780: Kontexte, Netzwerke, Instiutionen” at the international conference “Schöne Wissenschaften. Sammeln, Ordnen und Präsentieren unter Kaiser Joseph II.”. The conference is being organised by the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Program.

“Die Rolle der religiösen Gemeinschaften …

… in der österreichischen Wissenschaftsgeschichte” is the title of a talk that Thomas Wallnig will give at 6:00 p.m. on April 27, 2017 in the Festival Hall of the Archive of the University of Vienna. The event is being organized by the Austrian Society for the History of Science. More information can be found here.

“Digitale Edition” (KONDE)

The Pez project is one of several groups and institutions working towards a requirements catalog for digital editions within the framework of the “Wissens- und Kompetenznetzwerk ‘Digital Edition’ (KONDE)” under the direction of the Zentrum für Informationsmodellierung – Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities at the University of Graz. More information can be found here.

International Conference in the Charterhouse of Gaming

On 12 March 2017, Patrick Fiska will give a talk about “Die Briefkorrespondenz des Gaminger Bibliothekars Leopold Wydemann” during the international conference “The Charterhouse of Gaming as a Reservoir of Memory and a Monument of Austrian History” at the Charterhouse of Gaming. Program.

ProDomo – Prosopography of religious orders

The FWF Project Benedictines, Church Reform and the State in Austria, 1720-40 at the University of Vienna, the Association for the Study of Monastic Learning in the Early Modern Period and the Zentrum für Informationsmodellierung in den Geisteswissenschaften at the University of Graz invite you to the 4th Colloquium Historico-Criticum “ProDomo – Prosopography of religious orders” on Tuesday, 21 February 2017, at 17:00 (Hörsaal 45, University of Vienna). Invitation.