Jean Mabillon

In January 2016, the FWF project „Benedictines, Church Reform and the State in Austria: 1720-40“ (P-28016) started work as a follow-up project to the FWF Start project „Monastic Enlightenment and the Benedictine Republic of Letters“ (Y-390). The current project (Thomas Wallnig and his team, consisting of Abubakar Sidyk Bisayew, Patrick Fiska, Daniel Frey, Ines Peper and Irene Rabl) will run until 2019. Its main goal is to finish the remaining volumes of the edition of the Pez correspondence for the years 1719 to 1763. Simultaneously, the edition will be recast in digital form and merged with the digitized Pez papers and other materials in a virtual research environment.

Link to the FWF’s Project Finder page: http://pf.fwf.ac.at/de/wissenschaft-konkret/project-finder

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